Manslaughter is a very serious crime, and the consequences don’t come easy. Manslaughter is charged below murder, and defined as the killing of another person, but without malice. In turn, malice is defined as having a mental state to want to commit a murder by either having the intent to kill or at least to inflict harm on a person that could bring about death, or to have the intent to commit a serious crime without concern for the well-being of other people (to the point that someone would have been killed in the process).

• Can Lawyers Help?

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– If you are charged with committing manslaughter, then you would be wise to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible, since it is a very serious crime. Even if it is obvious that your action had tragically lead to the death of another individual, a lawyer would you by bringing up evidence that could get you convicted of a lesser crime and thus a lesser sentence and punishment.

• The Three Types of Manslaughter

– There are three specific forms of manslaughter as described by the law:

– The first form of manslaughter is voluntary manslaughter, which is when one person kills or brings about the death of another person with the goal of either killing them or indirectly killing someone due to an act of negligence.

– The second form is involuntary manslaughter. Involuntary manslaughter is when one person kills or brings about the death of another individual without malice, only so that the law is broken. Involuntary manslaughter punishments can include fines of over ten thousand dollars and being sent to prison for no less than four years in total.

– The third type of manslaughter is vehicular manslaughter, which is where one person kills or brings about the death of another individual in a tragic vehicle accident. Vehicular manslaughter can be done with or without malice. Either way, an investigation will definitely be launched into a Vehicular Manslaughter case to determine if the driver of the vehicle intended to kill or at least bring harm to another driver on the road. If you are involved in vehicular manslaughter, you’ll definitely want to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. You’ll also want to hire a lawyer or otherwise find different professional help if a friend or a family member was responsible for the accident as well.